Video  Presentations 2023

Presenter NameExact Presentation Name on Schedule?Link
Jason Sisk3d Printing Tips & Tricks
Bill PorterAI and Home Assistant
Joel DearingArtificial Inteligence - Part 1
Joel DearingArtificial Inteligence - Part 2
Grant GarofaloBeginners Journey of Discovery
Steve PetrucciBeginning 3D Home Modeling From Hover to xLights Integrations
Charlie ComiskeyBuild & Configure a Firework Star
John LubenowControlling Froggy Fobbles with xlights
Craig NelsonDriveable Parade Floats
Jacky ElliotFace Definition
Ron ArmstrongFPP Advanced Topics
Jonathan DePlancheGrouping Submodels to get Different Looks
Shane RehmHow to set up an engaging Halloween Show
Mynor MendozaHow to setup P5 panels using colorlight and ledvision
Mark ButcherLayout Basics
Matt BrownLOR S6 Sequencer Q&A with Matt Brown
Carl MirskyManaging your audio for xlights and other things...
Barry WilesMapping and Sequencing HD Props
Ted CoxMapping submodels between models
Scott McCoyProjection Mapping and Animatronics
Phil BrooksRemote Falcon
Michael StoffregenSequencing - Intermediate
Michael StoffregenSequencing in xLights - Advanced
Michael StoffregenSequencing in xLights - Basic
Kyle BostickSequencing SFX props - Part 1
Kyle BostickSequencing SFX props - Part 2
Tom HammondSo You Want a Show Network
Mitch FaasSocial Media Promotion and PR
Jacky ElliotState Effects
Scott HartUsing CAD/CAM for Holiday Lighting
Ron ArmstrongUsing FPP as a Show Player
Herschel ThornWireframes
Keith Westley
xLights - Episode IV How xLights Goes From Effects to fseq, Models, Buffers, Layers, etc
Keith WestleyxLights - Episode V Deep Dive on Protocols and File Formats
Keith WestleyxLights - Episode VI Practical xSchedule as your Main Show Player or Backup
Keith WestleyxLights - Episode VII Falcon F16 V5, A New Hope
Bill JenkinsxLights REST API