2020 Virtual
Christmas Summit

Thank you for registering for the 2020 Virtual Christmas Summit. Please follow the link below and read the 2020 Virtual Christmas Summit Registration Information as it will address most all your questions.

Registration Information

Your VCS Number

Your VCS user number is important because it allows you to participate in all of the raffles and prize giveaways. Please Take a look at the video below. It will provide instructions for you to setup your Zoom account correctly so you don't miss out on any prizes!

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Zoom Rooms

Room NameURL
VCS - Room 1http://room1.virtualchristmassummit.com
VCS - Room 2http://room2.virtualchristmassummit.com
VCS - Room 3http://room3.virtualchristmassummit.com
VCS - Room 4http://room4.virtualchristmassummit.com
VCS - Room 5http://room5.virtualchristmassummit.com
VCS - Room 6http://room6.virtualchristmassummit.com
VCS - Room 7http://room7.virtualchristmassummit.com
VCS - Room 8http://room8.virtualchristmassummit.com
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Thank you to all the organizers, presenters, hosts, and sponsors.
May your lights always blink brightly,
-Ed Smith
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